With Gamewell Mechanical on the job, Contractors and Owners can feel comfortable the project will be a safe one.


Gamewell Mechanical Safety Program is issued to every Gamewell Employee to ensure their safety and well being. Listed below are some high level policies and guidelines that Gamewell Mechanical requires of our employees that are taken from our Safety Program Manual. A copy of the Gamewell Mechanical Safety Program is available upon request.


Gamewell Mechanical through its Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance Department ensures all tools; ladders and other small items are in new condition and safe for use. This is also the case for all company owned machinery such as backhoes, scissor lifts, forklifts, tampers trenchers and welders. Gamewell provides operator training for all equipment used on the jobsite.


The jobsite is where all planning, programs and efforts of the project management group are tested and Gamewell Mechanical has stood the test very successfully. Gamewell Mechanical has received several awards from The Associated General Contractors of America. Strong management emphasis and support provides a high level of jobsite safety. A comprehensive, company-wide, drug testing program also enhances our Safety Program.

Every jobsite employee is required to have and wear appropriate safety clothing and equipment. Gamewell Mechanical Services provides the necessary head, ear, eye and respiratory protection and provides assistance with other items such as safety boots, gloves, and prescription safety glasses. When conditions require protection from or of certain environments, proper clothing and other items are supplied.

It is the policy of Gamewell Mechanical to provide maximum protection to its employees, the employees of firms and the total jobsite environment. We have a structured program consisting of a company safety manual, new employee orientation, weekly tool-bay safety training for all jobsite employees, OSHA outreach training for all supervisors and service personnel, quarterly supervisors meetings and employee safety incentive recognition.